Committee Reports::Report - Appropriation Accounts 1962 - 1963::12 November, 1964::Appendix



An Cléireach,

An Coiste um Chuntais Phoiblí.

At the proceedings of the Committee on the 21st May, 1964, I undertook to supply additional information about the effect of the increased mechanisation of accounting work on staffing. The precise effect is difficult to estimate closely as the volume of work in connection with both the Savings Bank and telephone accounts business is increasing rapidly, and the main purposes of the mechanisation are to enable the work to be disposed of more efficiently and to keep down staffing and accommodation requirements in the future. The mechanisation of the savings bank processes resulted in a reduction of 76 in the Clerical, Clerk-Typists and Sorting Assistant posts required for that work, offset by the creation of 30 posts of Card Punchers. The surplus Clerical Officers and Clerk-Typists were absorbed into vacancies caused by retirements, promotions or new posts elsewhere in the Department. Recruitment of Sorting Assistants, a Departmental grade, had been ceased for some time previously to bring the number in the grade down to that required.

The further mechanisation of certain aspects of telephone accounting work— already considerably mechanised—resulted in a reduction of 22 in the Clerical and Clerk-Typist posts required for that work, offset by the creation of 5 posts of Card Punchers. The surplus officers were similarly absorbed into vacancies elsewhere in the Department.

The number of machines required for the mechanisation so far has been about 40 and consists of an electronic calculator with associated card punches, verifiers, interpreters, etc.

(Signed) L. Ó BROIN,


Roinn Poist agus Telegrafa.

16 Iúil, 1964.