Committee Reports::Report - Newspaper Article in Sporting Press::24 May, 1956::Report


1. The Committee on Procedure and Privileges, pursuant to Order of the Dáil of 8th March, 1956, has examined the article entitled “Parliamentary Conduct?” which appeared in an issue dated 23rd February, 1956, of the Sporting Press, a weekly newspaper published by the Greyhound and Sporting Press Ltd., Clonmel, County Tipperary.

2. The Committee finds that the article—in so far as its meaning can be followed—is scurrilously abusive of Members in the performance of their Parliamentary duties. It considers, however, that the article is not a responsible one or one calling for attention, and accordingly recommends that it be ignored.

3. In conclusion the Committee stresses the view that while writings and utterances of the sort under reference are deplorable the House should as a rule be slow to occupy itself with them when they come from sources of no special significance, or to do anything to create for them an importance or publicity that they neither have nor deserve. In ignoring such occurrences the dignity of the House is best served.



24th May, 1956.