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28 June, 1951:—Ordered, That a Committee on Procedure and Privileges consisting of the Ceann Comhairle who shall be Chairman, and seventeen other Members to be nominated by the Committee of Selection, be appointed; that the Committee be empowered to consider matters of procedure generally and to recommend any additions or amendments of the existing Standing Orders that may be deemed necessary; to consider also and report as and when requested to do so as to the privilege attaching to Members.

That the quorum of the Committee be eight (Parliamentary Secretary to the Taoiseach).

28 June, 1951:—Members appointed to serve on the Committee:—Deputies Breen, Cogan, Corish, Cosgrave, Cunningham, Davern, Dillon, Donnellan, Dayle, Fahy. S. Flanagan, Larkin, O Briain (Parliamentary Secretary to the Taoiseach), T. O’Sullivan, Mrs. Rice, Rooney and Sweetman,