Committee Reports::Report - National Health Insurance Bill, 1933::22 June, 1933::Report


The Select Committee has gone through the Bill and the Bill as amended is returned to the Seanad.

As a result of its deliberations the Committee is of opinion that it is essential that the National Health Insurance Bill, 1933 should be passed if a scheme of national health insurance is to continue without serious financial embarrassment.

The main defects in the present system that appear from the evidence tendered would seem to arise from the difficulty of control in the matter of medical certification and from non-compliance with the existing law. In both these respects it is likely that the provisions of the National Health Insurance Bill, 1933 will enable improvements to be made.

The following amendments have been inserted in the Bill by the Select Committee:

(1) Section 22, sub-section (7). The following words added at the end of the sub-section:—

“and any amount so repayable may be paid in instalments extending over such period as the Minister may consider reasonable.”

(2) Section 22. A new sub-section added at the end of the section as follows:—

“(10) Where a part-time employee of an approved society at the date of transfer is not offered employment by the Unified Society, and is not entitled to compensation under the foregoing provisions of this section, then, provided that he was so employed by such approved society on the 30th day of June, 1932, he shall be entitled to receive a gratuity from the Unified Society on the basis of one month’s remuneration, excluding expenses, for each completed year of service, calculated on his average monthly remuneration for the year 1932.”


Chairman of the Committee.

22nd June, 1933.