Committee Reports::Final Report - Betting Act 1926, and the Law relating to the Business of Bookmaking::11 April, 1929::MIONTUAIRISC NA FINNEACHTA / Minutes of Evidence

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1063. That is the result of your personal observation and that of your Superintendents?—Yes.

1064. Senator Parkinson.—As a simple way to improve the status of book-makers as against those who evade their obligations, either to the revenue or to backers, would not a standard rate, whether a flat rate or an agreed licence which would have to be paid by the book-maker, put men who are acting honestly on a sound footing. That would not allow dishonest bookmakers to have advantages over decent bookmakers?—I think so.

Chairman.—We are very grateful to you for your information. You have helped us very much.

General O’Duffy.—Thank you very much.

The Committee adjourned at 1 o’clock.