Committee Reports::Report No. 02 - Dentists Bill, 1927, 3rd and 4th Schedules of the ::06 June, 1928::Report


The Special Committee, consisting of Senators Sir Edward Coey Bigger, J. C. Dowdall, Thomas Farren and Dr. O’Sullivan, was appointed by Order of the Seanad of the 28th March, 1928, to consider the Third and Fourth schedules to the Dentists Bill, 1927, and to report back to the House as to the propriety of adding to, deleting from or otherwise varying the lists of names contained therein.

On 27th April, 1928, the Committee made their report, which was presented to the Seanad on 2nd May, 1928.

By Order of the Seanad made 16th May, 1928, the report was referred back to the Committee for reconsideration.

The Committee met on 23rd May and on 6th June, 1928.

The Committee have duly reconsidered their report and now make the recommendations set out in the schedule hereto in substitution for those set out in the schedule to their previous report.


Chairman of the Committee.

6th June, 1928.