Committee Reports::Report - Incapacity for Membership of the Oireachtas::15 December, 1926::Proceedings of the Joint Committee



Dé Céadaoin, 15adh Mí na Nodlag, 1926.

Wednesday, 15th December, 1926.

1. The Joint Committee met at 1.30 pm.

2. The following members were present:—Deputies T. Johnson and D. Gorey; Senators T. W. Bennett, S. L. Brown and T. Farren.

3. Deputy Gorey moved:—

“That Senator Brown be Chairman of the Joint Committee.”

Question put and agreed to.

Senator Brown took the Chair.

4. Senator Farren moved:—

“That the quorum be three, including at least one member of each House.”

Question put and agreed to.

5. Deputy Johnson moved:—

“That the Department of External Affairs be requested to furnish statements of the statutory provisions as to incapacity to be elected to and to sit as a member of Parliament of the several nations forming the British Commonwealth of Nations, of the United States of America and of the following European countries:—France, Norway, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia.”

Question put and agreed to.

6. The Joint Committee adjourned at 2.30 p.m.