Committee Reports::Report - Proposals for Legislation to Amend the Constitution::26 November, 1926::Orders of Reference


Ordered: That a Select Committee consisting of ten Deputies be appointed to make recommendations regarding certain proposals for legislation to amend the Constitution.

Ordered: That the Ceann Comhairle be Chairman of the Committee.

Ordered: That the quorum of the Committee be six, and that the Committee report back to the Dáil not later than December 1st.

Ordered: That the Committee of Selection nominate nine Deputies to serve on the Select Committee.

18th November, 1926:—The following Deputies nominated to serve on the Committee:—The Minister for Finance; the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Finance; Deputies: P. S. Doyle, Connor Hogan, Johnson, Magennis, Mulcahy, Thrift and Tierney.

18th November, 1926:—Number of members of the Select Committee increased to eleven, and Deputy Redmond appointed to serve on the Committee.