Committee Reports::Interim Report No. 03 - Wireless Broadcasting Report::13 March, 1924::Report


An Treas tuarasgabháil Interim ón gCóiste speis alta atá ag breithniú na tuarasgabhála ar Fhóirleatha Nea-Shrangach.

Third Interim Report of the Special Committee to consider the Wireless Broadcasting Report.

1. The Special Committee took into consideration (1) an Order of the Dáil made the 31st January, 1924: That the Committee continue its deliberations and present a final Report not later than 14th March; and (2) a Resolution of the Dáil, adopted the 27th February, 1924, as follows:—

“That the evidence and documents submitted to the Special Committee on Wireless Broadcasting at any stage of their proceedings be printed and circulated except such Departmental Minutes as in the opinion of the Committee are not necessary to be published.”

2. The Special Committee reports that it is not yet in a position to circulate the evidence and documents in its possession, and is desirous of giving further consideration to its Final Report.

3. The Committee accordingly asks that the time available for the work in hands be extended to 28th March, 1924.


Leas-Cheann Comhairle.

13adh Márta, 1924.