Committee Reports::Report No. 03 - Consideration of second report::16 July, 1923::Appendix



(a) Opening of Dáil Eireann.

1. When all the returns to writs issued for a General Election to Dáil Eireann shall have come into the hands of the Clerk of the Dáil, he shall issue notices to all Teachtaí returned, notifying them that their attendance is required on a day (or days) to be named by him, which shall be prior to that mentioned in the Proclamation for the summoning of the Dáil, for the purpose of complying with the provisions of Article 17 of the Constitution. The Clerk shall make all necessary arrangements for the purpose of this Order.

2. On the first day of the meeting of the Dáil subsequent to a General Election, the proceedings shall be opened by the Clerk at the Table reading the Proclamation convening the Dáil.

3. The Clerk shall then make a Report stating the manner in which he has issued the writs for such Election. This Report shall enumerate the Returning Officers to whom, and the Constituencies in respect of which, such writs were issued, and it shall also state the date or dates of issue. He shall also announce the names of all Teachtaí returned to serve in the Dáil, giving the Constituencies in each case.

4. A copy of the writ of election of each Teachta and of the return endorsed thereon shall be laid upon the Table by the Clerk.

5. Dáil Eireann shall thereupon proceed to the election of a Ceann Comhairle, and a motion may be made to that effect by any Teachta, who has taken his seat according to law. The Clerk shall receive all such motions, put the necessary questions, and declare the results. The Ceann Comhairle shall, immediately upon his election, take the chair.

6. An election shall be held for a Leas-Cheann Comhairle, and motions may be made to this effect after due notice, as prescribed by these Standing Orders.

(b) Motion to Proceed to the Next Business.

1. At any stage of a debate, other than a debate on any Stage of a Bill, a Teachta may rise and claim to move: “That the Dáil proceed to the next business,” and this motion shall take precedence of all amendments to the original question: Provided that this motion be not made more than once during the discussion on any question.

2. This motion cannot be made where the original question is one relating to the ordering of public business, or the meeting of the Dáil, or in Committee.

3. If the Dáil resolves this motion in the affirmative the original question is thereby disposed of, and the Dáil shall proceed to the next business on the Order Paper.

(c) Bills (Amendment of Title).

1. It shall be an instruction to all Committees to which Bills may be committed, that they have power to make such amendments therein as they shall think fit, provided such amendments be relevant to the subject matter of the Bill; but that, if any such amendments shall not be within the title of the Bill, they amend the title accordingly, and report the same specially to the Dáil.

(d) Financial Orders.

1. In the discussion of supplementary Estimates the debate shall be confined to the Items constituting the same, and no discussion may be raised on the original Estimate, save in so far as it may be necessary to explain or illustrate the particular Items under discussion.

2. It shall be in order, before entering on the discussion of the Items in a Vote, to move that the Estimate in question be referred back to the Minister in charge of the Department for reconsideration, with or without a specific recommendation.

(e) Issue of Writs for Casual Vacancies.

1. A motion may be made, after notice, directing the Ceann Comhairle to direct the issue of a writ for the election of a Teachta to fill any vacancy that may occur from time to time. Such a motion shall be made after Questions and before taking up the consideration of any other business on the Order Paper.

2. The Clerk of the Dáil shall make a Report of the issue of every such writ, giving the name of the Returning Officer to whom, and the Constituency in respect of which, such writ was issued, and stating the date of issue.

3. On the receipt of the return to the writ the Clerk shall announce the name of the Teachta elected. A copy of the writ with the return endorsed thereon shall be laid upon the Table by the Clerk.


1. Order No. 1, to delete the words:—“or Director of a Department.”

2. Order No. 3, to delete the sentence:—

“In the case of the absence of the Ceann Comhairle and the Leas-Cheann Comhairle the Dáil may, on motion made without notice, appoint a Teachta to act as Ceann Comhairle for the time being.”

3. Order No. 10, to delete the words “but the Dáil shall not divide on any question after 8.30 o’clock, p.m.”

4. Order No. 11, line 6, to substitute for the word “Ministry” the words “a member of the Executive Council.”

5. Order No. 12, last line, to substitute the word “made” for the word “discussed.”

6. Order No. 33, line 4, to delete the words “the” . . . . “of Dáil Eireann.”

7. Order No. 40 (1), in line 10, to add the words “or amendments” after the word “amendment.”

(2) in line 12, to delete the word “so” before the words “disposed of.”

(3) In lines 9, 10, 14, and 16, to substitute the word “Committee” for the word “Dáil.”

8. Order No. 48, to delete, being provided for elsewhere.

9. Order No. 60, to delete, being provided for in the last sentence of No. 65.

10. Order No. 63, to delete the words “or other officers.”

11. Order No. 70, to be put into Section dealing with Committees.

12. Order No. 72, to read:—

“In considering a Bill a Special Committee may, at any time, adjourn, and the Dáil sitting in Committee may, at any time, report progress, provided that a motion to this effect has been carried. Any such motion which is deemed by the Chairman to be dilatory or obstructive shall not be accepted. The consideration of the . . . . . have been considered.”

13. Order No. 76, to insert after the word “moved” the words “after notice given.”

14. Order No. 82, to read:—“These Standing Orders may be amended at any time on motion made after notice.”

In Committee’s Report of 5th March, 1923 (T. 9); Schedule B.

15. Order No. 5, after the word “Eireann” on line 5 of the Order, and before the word “fix” on line 6, to insert the words “and after consultation with the Cathaoirleach of Seanad Eireann.”

16. Order No. 8, to add after the first sentence of the Order the sentence: “The quorum for a Joint Sitting shall be thirty-two, but of this number neither House may be represented by less than ten members.” The Order to continue: “The proceedings of every such Joint Sitting shall, save as otherwise provided in these Standing Orders, be governed . . . .”

17. Order No. 12, line 10, to add after the word “consider” the words “and report on.”

18. Where the context is suitable, to make use of the terms, “the Dáil” in reference to Dáil Eireann, “the Seanad” in reference to Seanad Eireann, and “Dáil Eireann sitting in Committee” in reference to Committee of the whole Dáil.