Committee Reports::Report - Recommendations as to Ministers who shall not be Members of the Executive Council::03 October, 1922::Report

Report of Committee.

1. The Committee was appointed in pursuance of a Resolution of the Dáil passed on the 20th September, 1923; in the following terms:—

“That a Committee of the Dáil consisting of fifteen deputies be chosen to make recommendations to the Dáil in accordance with Article 55 of the Constitution as to the Ministers for Agriculture, Fisheries, Local Government, and the Post Office ; that the Committee be elected by the single transferable vote ; that the quorum of the Committee be eleven.”

2. In accordance with the above Resolution an election was held on Tuesday the 25th September, 1923, when the following Deputies were chosen to act on the said Committee :—

Deputies :

Johnson, Redmond, Wilson, O’Mahony, Hughes, MacCarthy, Sears, Beamish, Davin, Gorey, P. S. Doyle, C. O Broin, P. Cosgrave, McCabe and Nicholls.

3. The Committee met on Wednesday, the 3rd October, 1923. All Members of the Committee were in attendance.

4. Deputy Hughes was elected Chairman.

5. The Committee took into consideration the matters referred to them in the above Resolution.

6. It was decided to make the following recommendations to the Dáil for nomination to the Ministries in question :—

(a) Deputy P. J. Hogan to be Minister for Agriculture ;

(b) Deputy F. Lynch to be Minister for Fisheries ;

(c) Deputy J. A. Bourke to be Minister for Local Government; and

(d) Deputy J. J. Walsh to be Postmaster-General.


Cathaoirleach an Choiste.

3rd October, 1923.